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Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange from mscable.com

One of the better Cloud Services available

Hosted Office 365 from mscable.com

Microsoft's Office 365 is based in the Cloud computing environment (check here to learn more about cloud communications) launched by Microsoft.
Office 365 offers a number of things online comprising:

  • Exchange online Instant messaging
  • Lync online sharing of data and presence
  • SharePoint online (helps with managing data on shared documents)

With this service everything is basically placed 'in the cloud' in much the same way that all other services are these days of this style.
There are, like all cloud scenarios advantages and disadvantages to these services, such as: 

Advantages of Hosted Office 365

  • Web console to 'control' data and administration
  • Easy check to see the condition of the data online
  • MMC Management console available (if you know what you're doing)
  • Exchange mailbox admin
  • Service can (and usually does) integrate with Microsoft Exchange on your site
  • Works with Small Business Server
Disadvantages of Hosted Office 365
  • Cost can be high for 'email' bearing in mind that you may already have either SBS or Microsoft Exchange
  • Over 7 price plans from lower cost with small storage to very high cost with all features
  • Billed direct from Microsoft which could be a hassle for some
  • Reduced control of online services unless you have IT support for full feature MMC
  • Still needs IT for MMC control so has added costs to service itself
  • Concern by Business about all data being 'in the cloud', but could be run hybrid with SBS and other mail
    programs - but then negates any cost savings in the first place
  • More complex the more you integrate it in to your systems

It is possible to provide mobile users with extra facilities of Office 365 and reduce them for on-premise users, leaving the on-premise employees on the current Exchange server. However, if it's 'mail and calendar' using and sharing remotely then Exchange already has those facilities.

Office 365 integrates in to Active Directory so there's only ever going to be one login no matter how it's all setup.

mscablenet.com can supply these services and this product is just one of the products available.

For most customers we talk to about any kind of Hosted Exchange there are many solutions and some can even be mixed for the exact requirement of customers.

Please call 01782 544700 or fill out our online form for further details on the Microsoft Office 360 Hosted Exchange offering from mscloudnet.com
Don't forget to checkout our mscable.com ISP solutions section of this website which also offer reduced cost online shared calendars and much more. In fact those services could be seen as a 'cut down' style of Hosted Exchange for the smaller organisation.

Other Cloud Computing Services on Offer

We offer a number of other brand cloud computing services that you might consider such as our mscablenet offering and we will be adding these on an ongoing basis - please do feel free to call us on 01782 544700 or fill out our contact form.

We look forward to talking with you soon.