Business Communications

We can supply and support all forms of communications infrastructure from simple ADSL through leased lines and of course full Fibre support for all customers that are able to benefit from our services.

Hardware Support

If you get a problem with hardware we're here to help. Whatsmore we only host Business Customers - there are no regular users on our servers. We pride ourselves in offering the best service available.

Quality Hosting

We have been offering our hosting service since way back in April 2000 when modems and dial in services were common place. Today we offer many types of communications technology - 24x7.

Secure Data Centres

We have been updating our servers to some of the latest technology hardware available. We don't offer virtual servers (that can be tempramental, slow or just a pain) and you can rest assured our servers are based in the highest security data centres in the UK.

Office 365 Online

Microsoft's Office 365 is a relatively new service from Microsoft that can be used to move your email, desktop and other aspects of business computing in to the cloud. Some benefits include reduced costs and less hassle.

Did you know that was formed in April 2000 and has offered hosting services, connectivity and support services - making this service is over 17 years old!

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Co info

Find out all about the services that offers to Business customers and the advantages of working with an ISP - Microsoft authorised!

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Our services

Got a Problem? if you are hosted on our servers or purchase connectivity from then we can help you solve almost any problem that may crop up.

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Quality support

Here's where we show our Frequently Asked Questions that can be a major help for simple problems. But we also discuss services offered and other aspects of hosting.

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Some FAQ's

Welcome to

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Cloud Computing Technology.

Why is everyone interested in this exciting new service?

Cloud computing is like having your business network server placed somewhere else, but with other added advantages such as:

  • Online applications available 24x7
  • Easily shared data throughout the company with other employees
  • Communications with other employees easily and in many ways
  • Extensively reduced costs against older onsite solutions
  • Ability to easily adjust staffing requirements and reduce costs
  • Reduced costs for support staffing of computer equipment
  • Reduced costs for IT because lower powered PC's can work with cloud computing
  • Public AND Private cloud sectors of your business
  • Ability to share data between enterprises.
  • Private and Public Cloud facilities and much more

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So is Business Cloud Computing Catching on?

You bet it is!

Currently there is a drive in IT going on with all forms of cloud computing, indeed it is reminiscent of internet integration in to companies in the early 90's. Ask yourself how would your company be working today without internet and email? Even Apple are muzzling in on the deal

And that's where comes in:

We are here to help and we only work with Business clients. And we have extensive experience in the IT industry - indeed since 1989.
We can offer Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 Exchange and Hosting services.

Please do check out pages on this site for more information on your next step to cloud computing for your organisation - or simply fill out our contact form and we'll help. ISP Hosting and Services

We also offer a number of other Business services including Cabling,

Network Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Printing Solutions, Mail Servers, Microsoft products, SAGE Accounting Products, Maintenance Agreements, Off Site Backup, Remote Support, SITE Relocations and all other Networking related services.

Our ISP Hosting services have been running successfully since April 2000.

You can find out more on our mscable ISP Business Services page.


What EXACTLY is Cloud Computing?

Find out why this technology is important to your company.

The revolution of the Internet continues at a superfast pace.

Welcome to the start of changing how you work with computers in your business forever.

Now that's a strong statement to make about cloud computing. But our guess is that you probably said something very similar about 15 years ago (or thereabouts) when you heard about a thing called the internet. For many companies this will be a 'deja vu' point in time for many business computer infrastructure users. But one thing is for sure - cloud computing is a business revolution for the internet and the way we work in the same way that the internet did back in 1995. Your company will communicate more easily in ways that you could only dream about a few years ago and all those costs involved with your own network in your business will disappear.

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