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Key Points

Trading since 1989 ...

Although we have changed our name a couple of times, that reflects what we sell. We have been trading for 25 years so it's likely we'll be in business for a long time to come. Financial stability matters when you trust a company to supply communications or internet presence for your company.

Mobile Phones! ...

We have a division called Phonesavers within the group that can supply and support business mobile phones. If you're hosting on our services we can seamlessly resolve mobile AND other networking and internet issues easily.

High Technology Company ...

In fact, in other areas of business that we do we supply over 40 industries and to some of the largest companies right here in the UK.

About Us

Network Systems

Network Systems was founded in February 1989. Our original direction was purely (as the name suggests) computer networks. We still sell and support most computing equipment and networks, but in march 2000 we expanded in to the ISP business because we were frankly disgusted at just how many ISP's (who were supplying our customers) had a could not care less attitude. We could sit on site for HOURS waiting for an ISP to do a 10 minute job.


mscable.com came in to being in March 2000. Since that time we have worked with many business clients to provide internet services including hosting and support, broadband connectivity for business and many other solutions for our customers who need current technology to help their business on a day to day basis.


This cloud environment has been developed to help customers understand and migrate to cloud computing. Many customers simply don't understand what the implications of this new technology could be for their business.

Our approach is to help business customers understand exactly how mscloudnet.com can help their businesses to be more profitable with reduced cost.

We aim to expand this aspect of our internet services far beyond the realms of simple hosting services and our customers will undoubtedly benefit from what we are bringing on line both now and in the future.


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