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Business Cloud Computing

For most ordinary Business customers the words 'cloud computing' will probably not mean much.

But the truth is, that this all encompassing technology will be changing the way your company works in the future, so it's important to understand and embrace this technology sooner than later. As many companies found out when they wanted their company on the internet in the form of an internet presence - their chosen name was often long gone with no decent alternative available.

Consider also the internet in general and what it means for your company today. Could you really operate without email and internet? Really? We think it could actually cost you your business. Did you really foresee the impact of the internet and email on your business.

The point is, that cloud technologies are being driven by companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and many more, so it's likely over time you will use cloud computing because there will be little other choice. The major technology manufacturers are currently developing cloud technology products faster than the banks can lose money.

These manufacturers control by a large extent the IT world as we all know it today, so it's reasonable to say that you WILL end up using cloud technology.

What is cloud computing?



What does this provide for Business customers:

  • Provision of software, computation, storage and data access
  • NO Business user knowledge of the back end of the system or configuration details at last!

Simply put, cloud computing is a new way to communicate that Business customers can use and they don't have to bother too much about how it all works... it just does. It's rather like using electricity... you don't know exactly what is generating it, but of course you can use it.
The cloud technology has many advantages over regular and legacy systems such as:

  • Dynamically saleable (you can add and remove users thereby changing any costs almost instantly) such as staffing changes.
  • Many resources available are called 'virtual' resources. You can use them and they appear to be 'yours' but in reality they don't exist in a way that your current computer systems do.
  • Cloud computing is in fact a by product of the ease of access to other sites primarily driven by internet technology.
  • Often many applications will be available for access by the user through the browser. These programs appear just as they always did and are commensurate with the users understanding of application familiarity they have already known for some time. These applications appear just as thought they are on the local server.
  • Good integration in to many mobile and other devices
  • Public and/or Private Clouds.

mscloudnet.com can deliver applications via the internet with the ease of use business users are accustomed to. You are able to store your companies business software and data remotely too - and storage capacities can be massive if required. Legacy applications are always a bind in business and are often used as a necessity with no alternative available to the business, but cloud technologies can handle these often with shared screen technology from the cloud.

Resources are all consolidated at a data centre as is the business data and that is secure and automatically backed up. Typical extended backup for example on outlook email can be ten years.. usually enough for most companies.

While we can meet most service level agreements for larger companies, often our small or medium enterprise customers prefer us to apply our standard terms of SLA agreements.

Of course there are some disadvantages with cloud technologies too, for example:

  • Reduced capacity for your company if regular connectivity to the cloud fails (your broadband lines). These connections are often supported by secondary wireless connectivity for your site. However, if you have ever seen 20 users trying to use a wireless connection at one time you will be shocked by how bad the fallback may be to your company.
  • Increased risk to your data. No matter who is the supplier, where data resides on the internet there is ALWAYS an element of risk regarding things like hacking etc. It's not high risk, but nevertheless the risk remains.
  • Dependability on other IT support
  • Other associated costs with this type of operation especially of options and support for mobile devices.

Many customers who use cloud technologies in fact don't discard their current network. In fact they utilise a hybrid style of networking with integration in to cloud services, whether it be a Hosted Exchange style of product or some other entity based on the cloud. So actually 'throwing away' your network is, at least, in the near future extremely unlikely and something we would not recommend.

Lastly, server virtualization is a trend that continues in many areas including ISP services and mid sized enterprises where specific products are operated on a 'virtual' server which in real life is a subset of a real touchable server on the internet. In this way, businesses can adopt their 'own server' in a data centre, but while the product looks completely like a 'real' server in fact it does not exist except in software emulation.
As indicated most companies opt for a hybrid solution and prefer to keep the on-site system as well for reasons that are covered here and other reasons that should be reasonably obvious to the reader.

mscloudnet.com does sell cloud services, but we think you should be aware of some of the shortcomings BEFORE you buy these services. Other suppliers might not be so forthcoming.

While this short introduction covers some of the basics to this technology, we can help you to understand any advantages to your business so please do contact us.

Other Cloud Computing Services on Offer

We offer a number of other products such as mscloudnet Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 so please do feel free to call us on 01782 544700 or fill out our contact form.
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