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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I order your ISP, Hosted Exchange or cloud computing services?
  2. Where can I find more information about your services?
  3. Why does'nt your website offer an online demonstration of mscloudnet.com services?
  4. Who is mscloudnet.com and mscable.com?
  5. What is cloud computing?
  6. When are these services being updated?

Answer 1:

We're glad you asked. We will need to talk to you because we can customise our services (whether cloud services, Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 or ISP services) and doing that will save you money against our regular charges. There may well be things in our packages that you will not use and by removing them (if it is possible) we can reduce your ongoing coasts for the services offered. Please do fill out our contact form or call 01782 544700.

Answer 2:

Because we offer often customised solutions for our customers we don't have online extensive specifications about our services. Suffice to say that our services offer what others do, but usually at a much lower cost per head and likely a higher support level. Our services can be tailored exactly to your requirements and this too can result in reduced costs for your Business.

Answer 3:

Actually it does! it's just that to be most effective and to run through the services with you we like to talk to you and take you through the mscloudnet.com services with you. But bear in mind that some services are custom and we can only offer examples in some cases. Our Hosted Exchange is available to demonstrate. This is a no cost choice so there is no commitment or anything to lose. So please do fill out our contact form or call 01782 544700 and ask for an mscloudnet.com services demonstration. We really look forward to talking with you about this service as we're as excited about cloud communications for Business as you might well be.

Answer 4:

Both mscable.com and mscloudnet.com are trading names of Network Systems. Our company website is at www.networksystems.co.uk where you can learn more about us. However, we do operate these internet services independently, but still owned by NSL. Our Internet services were launched in February 2000 and have continued ever since - so we have extensive experience of internet services to clients.

Answer 5:

We are often asked exactly what cloud computing is, and how it might change your business. Check HERE for a more in depth explanation. But simply described, cloud computing for Business offers reduced costs for all your computing needs, whether networked or stand alone. The advantages and effects of cloud computing on your Business will be as important as the internet was when that was introduced. Imagine being without email today in Business? Exactly, that would be a nightmare. The world is speeding up for Business and the Internet has been a major factor in that effect. For the whole solution where you don't have to keep buying hardware and software with operating systems that don't need updating all the time please do contact us. You will be amazed at exactly how cloud computing or Hosted Exchange for Business from mscloudnet.com can change your business and your life for the better.

Answer 6:

Actually these services are updated on a very regular ongoing basis. In fact, the whole services are continually updated for regular improvements and to offer business customers an on going increased experience of what we offer. These updates may well allow us to offer customers new facilities in particular with mscloudnet.com and the cloud solutions we offer. Sometimes without cost - and that's always a good thing.