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ISP Services from mscable.com

ISP Services only from mscable.com and IceWarp

Overview of our Business Services

Check out our services and support below - or just call us on 01782 544700.


Regular services offered by mscable.com are as below. Please note that these services are typically part of our mscloudnet services and are for customers who usually use standard hosting services and networking and internet connectivity. Clearly the ADSL and directly piped connectivity can be supplied for every type of business site.

We have been in the Networking Business since January 1989 and are now in our 22nd year (or even longer in business if after our 22nd Anniversary in 2011). Who better than to trust with your Network infrastructure? And we can support most business customers in the UK.
Services for Business customers include (but are not limited to):

  • Cabling
  • Network Servers
  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Printing Solutions
  • Mail Servers
  • Microsoft products
  • SAGE Accounting Products
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Off Site Backup
  • Remote Support
  • SITE Relocations
  • All other Networking related services

sIf you have a requirement for anything related to the services we offer then just get in touch with us - we would love to discuss any requirements with you.

More services from mscable.com:

Broadband (ADSL) Services
We offer full broadband commercial business services and these are available for a low cost per month for a basic service with limitations, right through to uncapped and unlimited high bandwidth supply. Please contact us for more information - simply fill out the contact form.

Our regular mscable.com hosting includes all of the following services:

  • Our GROUPWARE and what it will mean to you!
  • Our Groupware services will enhance the way you work.

We offer a multiplicity of different technologies that all integrate to offer your company the simplest, but best features, integrated so that you can actually grasp this new technology to the advantage of your company without question.

We use IceWarp 11 for our ISP services - here's a short video to give some idea about the facilities we can offer:

Please note that you do not have to buy or install any software to use the mscable.com services based on IceWarp - all references for purchasing IceWarp should be ignored. These videos are here to give a view of some of the features that mscable.com uses for it's customers.

Some of these features are shown below, but bear in mind that some of these services are optional extras and may carry a cost:


Our Mail server engine represents the core component of the whole communication solution with Active Directory integration, multithreaded SSL and support for multi CPU systems. It integrates load-balancing and DNS Smart Cache to maintain high server availability.

Best Mail Server Software for Windows and Linux

Based on the rock-solid technology, the MScable Mail Server is robust, secured and easy to administer. For over 9 years on the market, it has evolved into a comprehensive messaging platform for electronic communication:

  • Secured mail server engine
  • Integrated antivirus and antispam
  • Web access to e-mail and calendar
  • Collaboration features with MS Outlook plug-in
  • Synchronization of wireless devices and web calendars
  • Instant Messaging Server
  • VoIP telephony with gateway

Server features:

  • High-performance, and easily scalable engine
  • Load-balancing and high-availability options
  • Full backup system and e-mail archive
  • Intuitive, one-place administration interface


Easy to use, Webmail Pro for web access to email, calendars, contacts, files and shared data from any computer with browser and internet connection.

Great for workers on the move, easy to maintain.

No configuration needed With nothing to configure, it is suited for roaming between Wi-Fi networks and mobile data access. At the same time it will also bypass port 25 blocking/forwarding by many ISP networks. User settings can be pre-configured so that users can start working right away. Everything is stored on the server for the administrator to make any adjustments in production.

  • Automatic login
  • Password recovery
  • Automatic time-zone adjustment


What's New:

Spam today represents 90 billion messages per day, accounting for more than 80% of all e-mail traffic. Researchers from The Radicati Group forecasts that spam percentage will increase to 87% by 2011 despite all Antispam efforts. It is estimated that the spam accounts for about 2/3 of corporate e-mail traffic.

How to take control?

Cutting Edge Technology

Merak Antispam represents a complete solution approaching 99% accuracy. On daily basis the engine is being updated to handle the latest spamming and phishing tricks.

  • 97% accuracy on average
  • Low false positives rate
  • 20+ technologies: Spam Assassin, Bayesian, RBL, Grey listing, RAZOR2...
  • Automatic update
  • Spam management scenarios
  • Multiple spam actions: reject, delete, quarantine, tag, sort
  • Antispam Quarantine

To reduce false positives rate without decreasing Antispam efficiency, suspicious e-mail can be quarantined. Manual spam processing means that your users can inspect a daily quarantine report and white list messages accidentally incorrectly tagged as spam.

  • Daily quarantine reports
  • Works with any email client
  • Actions/Voting links to Authorize sender, Delete or one-time Deliver messages
  • Users can manage and inspect Quarantines from Webmail
  • Messages left in quarantine are automatically deleted
  • Auto White listing

Closed working groups can achieve 100% spam-free email very easily. Messages from your stored business contacts and people you are in touch with will never be tagged as spam.

  • Senders authorized by Challenge Response
  • Quarantine senders authorized by user/admin
  • Webmail Address Book and shared Outlook contacts
  • Senders moved to White list Filter folder in Webmail
  • Senders sent to special white list learning address

E-mails from white listed addresses will be delivered straight to user's mailbox, completely bypassing antispam processing.


MScable Anti-spam LIVE is a brand new Anti-spam engine developed in a co-operation with Commtouch. It brings the Enterprise level service back to customers with instant deployment and 100% efficiency.

Anti-spam LIVE provides zero hour outbreak protection to stop Spam the minute outbreaks occur and provides an additional level of accuracy insurance to ensure that system identification accuracy will never fall below unacceptable levels even if the system is improperly configured at the administrator level.

MScable Anti-Spam LIVE Service

In order to increase MScable's current Anti-Spam identification to 100%, the optional Anti-spam LIVE Online Engine has been integrated. Together with the Anti-spam off-line engine to form the first Dual Protection Anti-spam System on the market.

The Anti-Spam LIVE service fully integrates the Commtouch (NASDAQ:CTCH) technology. This combination of Off-line protection and On-line LIVE SPAM detection provides a dual layer of security capable of 100% efficient spam identification.

The result is integrated into MScable's Spam score calculation resulting in even higher spam detection accuracy.

Resource Utilization is the core of MScable's Anti-Spam LIVE.

Antispam LIVE queries the real-time detection centre only when Anti-Spam Standard engine requests additional analysis to more accurately determine if communication is valid or Spam.

Rather than evaluating the content of messages, RPD (Recurring Pattern Detection) analyzes large volumes of Internet traffic in real-time via a network of servers around the world which report back to the real-time detection centre. This is method is very effective against mass spammers, phishing attacks and "text less" spam such as image spam.

The result is:

  • Increased spam accuracy detection
  • Increased end-user productivity
  • Increased security
  • Decreased false positives
  • Decreased administration overhead
  • Decreased storage requirements by rejecting validated Spam.


What's New?

Virus threats, worms and Trojan horses can cause severe disruption to your critical systems and compromise the whole network in short time. The only possible response to these security threats is to stop malware before it reaches end your user's workstations.

Eliminate the risk

Avast! Antivirus Integrated Avast! Antivirus engine from Alwil Software is a comprehensive high-performance solution with multi-threaded engine. Avast! is ICSA Certified and the product is regularly awarded VB 100% by Virus Bulletin.

  • Powerful multi-threaded engine
  • External scanner
  • Real-Time Protection

At the heart of protection are incremental updates from tens of servers located around the globe, encrypted for greater security. Checks for updates run periodically, but the greatest benefit of integration within mail server is real-time, e-mail triggered Auto Update feature, which guarantees timely response to current virus outbreaks. Whenever a special formatted early warning email is received to administrator's account, server instantly triggers an update of virus definitions.

  • Script blocking
  • ZIP files scanning
  • Attachment stripping
  • Keyword and extension based file blocking
  • Quarantine folder
  • Options for a complementary external scanner
  • HTTP Proxy screening
  • Multiple Actions

The Antivirus engine reliably detects malicious code in all major file types including compressed file formats. The strength of integration within a mail server lies in extended reporting and logging features. Various actions can be triggered when an infected attachment is discovered:

  • Remove or Clean viruses from the email
  • Delete or Reject the infected message
  • Quarantine the infected email
  • Notify user and/or administrator


Please note that you do not have to buy or install any software to use the mscable.com services based on IceWarp - all references for purchasing IceWarp should be ignored. These videos are here to give a view of some of the features that mscable.com uses for it's customers.

What's New?

Groupware stands for collaborative software that allows sharing of any information among members of a group. For example, assistant can plan meetings for his/her boss (time management), or maintain phone numbers across the organization.

Affordable replacement for any MS Exchange/Kerio/Open Source solution.

MScable's Mail Server GroupWare
MScable's GroupWare is an advanced solution designed to improve user communication, enable multi-user scheduling, contact management capabilities and allow sharing and synchronization, applications and devices, with respect to the privacy and security policies.

  • Shared Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Folders, Journals
  • MS Outlook tight integration provided by Outlook Connector
  • Unified web interface for mailbox access, calendaring and groupware management
  • Easy synchronization with mobile phones and PDA
  • Stay synchronized

MScable's GroupWare data can be accessed on-line using Webmail GroupWare integration or off-line, using MS Outlook with Outlook Connector, which performs a background two-way sync between Outlook items and GroupWare server.

  • Sync to Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Lightning, Novell Evolution
  • Sync to web-based calendaring services like Google Calendar
  • Sync to cell phones and PDAs, Mobile phones (Nokia+Motorola) and Blackberry
  • High security

All your sensitive data are protected by a strong cipher using end-to-end SSL encryption and secure login method with encrypted password. Any unprotected access to user data from defined destinations can be disabled. Simple allow/ban rules can be used to permit access from given IP ranges only.

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit
  • SSL Secured Destinations
  • VPN-like tunneling option and custom port


Three levels of privacy for any piece of shared information, including Private and Public types of entries in MS Outlook.

  • Private (accessible by owner only)
  • Trusted (accessible by authorized users)
  • Public (accessible by anyone)
  • All Access Levels

Flexible access rights management guarantees that users have complete control over information offered to others.

  • Read shows only Public events w/ no other rights
  • Read + Write adds ability to create new entries
  • Read + Write + Modify adds ability to edit existing entries
  • Read + Write + Modify + Delete adds ability to erase any entries
  • Owner shows even Private events with full rights

Public folders

Public folders are accounts established as public to a group, domain, or anyone. Think of them as mailing lists which can hold groupware entries. When subscribed to, they are conveniently located in the left pane of Outlook or Webmail.

  • Access to department or company-wide contacts, notes, events, email
  • Sorted in a standard nested folder structure as any other shared accounts
  • Server group and domain aware
  • Subscription-like configuration


Friends are ordinary users to whom you want to grant access to a certain type of information. This ranges from simple Free/Busy status, through shared public data up to modification privileges to your own calendar events.

  • Simple concept
  • Many sharing levels
  • Privacy protection with flexible access rights

Reports and Notifications

Reminders and daily schedule reports can be sent to users to notify them of upcoming events, using either e-mail communication or Instant Messaging channel. Weekly agenda, tasks and notes can be viewed in IM client, either your own or public data of other users.

  • Daily event reports by e-mail
  • Reminders by e-mail
  • SMS notifications
  • National And Office Holidays
  • Multiple holiday sets
  • Customize holiday sets


Please note that you do not have to buy or install any software to use the mscable.com services based on IceWarp - all references for purchasing IceWarp should be ignored. These videos are here to give a view of some of the features that mscable.com uses for it's customers.

What's New?

GroupWare Connector is an easy plug-in into MS Outlook that let you sync all client's data to MScable's GroupWare server. It supports all the features of Outlook that would otherwise require an Exchange server.

Use your company MS Outlook 2007/2003/2000!

GroupWare Connector is compatible with the latest Outlook 2007/2003/2000. User can synchronize all data, manage Auto Responders, change password.

Unleash the full power of Outlook

Comprehensive support of Outlook features means that all administrative tasks can be accomplished from one place.

  • Free/Busy options for event scheduling, attendees arrangement
  • Published events automatically show owner as Busy
  • Supports Recurrences with Exceptions
  • Public shared folders synchronization and management
  • Automatic time zone adjustment to computer clock

Full Compatibility

GroupWare Connector allows users to view the complete GroupWare structure via MS Outlook Client and vice versa, any folder structure created within Outlook is synchronized with GroupWare Server.

  • Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Distribution Lists
  • Journals
  • Reminders
  • Attachments
  • Notifications
  • Locations
  • Recurrent Events, Exceptions

How It Works

Outlook Connector performs a two-way sync between MS Outlook and GroupWare database. The plug-in makes it possible for users to manage the entries OFF-LINE and synchronize all changes manually when back online.

  • Works in off-line mode
  • Manual synchronization
  • Automatic background synchronization

Support and compatibly

  • Integrates with default personal folder (one PST file), easy PST recovery
  • Supports any folder structure that can be created in Outlook
  • Keeps the same folder structure in Webmail and Outlook
  • Easy full migration from Exchange


The video below gives a simple introduction to some of the IceWarp features that you will benefit from when hosting with mscable.com

Please note that you do not have to buy or install any software to use the mscable.com services based on IceWarp - all references for purchasing IceWarp should be ignored. These videos are here to give a view of some of the features that mscable.com uses for it's customers.


Turn email clients into powerful and versatile PIM applications. Unlock GroupWare possibilities of various calendaring applications. MScable's CalDAV Server is designed for wide compatibility, achieved by combination of WebDAV, GroupDAV and CalDAV protocols.

Real time management.

Company Meeting Management

Using multiple calendars, your assistant can easily plan events for the whole department. Resource booking and meeting management will take a minute when you can see upcoming events of the attendees at once.

  • The missing sync for many popular clients
  • Multiple calendars can be viewed at once
  • Great for meeting management
  • Wide choice of powerful PIM applications
  • No configuration on server-side


Below are some of the most popular time management applications, some of them combined with e-mail clients.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird, cross-platform e-mail client
  • Mozilla Sunbird, cross-platform calendaring application
  • Novell Evolution, Linux e-mail client
  • KDE Kontacts, Linux PIM application
  • Apple iCal, in future version 10.5
  • Chandler, free cross-platform calendaring application


What's New?

Server subsystem for synchronization of mailbox and PIM information (Calendars, Task, Notes, Contacts, Files, Journals) to devices and applications, independently on device type (PC application, PDA, Smartphone), platform (Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile), and carrier protocol. Zero configuration on server side. No client licensing fees.

Manage phones

SyncML Server offers new ways users can store, access and manage their personal and company data helping them to do more.

Have you ever_________________ ? What about______________________ ?

..forgotten your phone at home and couldn't recall your wife's number? ..having all updated Outlook data in your pocket?

..lost your Smartphone with important data you didn't get to backup? ..having crucial data backed up in a powerful server database?

..worked with Nokia calendars on Linux? ..accessing your handheld data from within a browser?

..had sync applications crash or corrupt data? ..managing shared calendars, contacts, journals, notes, files, from anywhere you happen to be?

..retyped PIM information after switch to another cell phone? ..being notified of new mail, events, tasks, contacts, your own or shared?

..paid an hour of Internet access just to lookup address of a business partner? ..without cradling, cables and application software? In most cases for $0 expense in client software?

..experienced difficulties with international characters after sync? ..keeping Windows Mobile in sync with a Nokia Smartphone without platform-specific issues?

Universal SyncML Server is the answer if you prefer Symbian or Windows Mobile.

Without activation or service registration.

Product highlights

What makes it so unique is that the administrator doesn't have to take any extra step to enable remote synchronization. You can find all settings on familiar places service activity, logs, database, server certificates, password policies and that's just about all to it.

  • Easy configuration on server side
  • Simple Client Settings
  • Setting the synchronization on client device is very simple.
  • Set URL of the SyncML server: http://yourdomain.com/syncml/index.html
  • Enter E-mail Address and Password
  • Set resource types to Default Sync folders, aliases or custom folders
  • Default Sync folders: Contacts, Events/Calendar, Journal, Notes, Tasks, Mail
  • Select manual or scheduled synchronization


Thanks to server optimizations, SyncML Server offers the best available compatibility, the widest support of object types and data formats, extensibility options exceeding any other protocol and by far the highest performance of any SyncML server solutions available today.

  • SyncML 1.1 and lower
  • SyncML 1.2 (OMA DS) mail filters
  • XML or WBXML formatted communication
  • gzip compression improves performance
  • All 6 sync types: 2-way (normal, slow), 1-way (refresh/update client/server)
  • Two extra sync types: 1-way slow sync to client/to server
  • Supports Versit Objects, Funambol SIF(S4J) groupware data formats
  • Automatic database corruption and client error detection
  • Directory aliases support for synchronization of localized folders
  • Debug logs with timestamps for performance measurements

System requirements

Native or 3rd party SyncML client installed on mobile device
GroupWare module and a configured database is a prerequisite
Webmail license for web access
Mobile data (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, HSDPA), Wi-Fi or cable connection
Carrier-enabled Internet data access


Here you will find a list of devices, firmware versions and client software versions reported to work.

  • 3 sets of GroupWare data formats: Versit Objects, Funambol SIF(S4J)
  • 2 E-mail data formats: OMA DS Email Data Object, Plain (Synthesis)
  • Funambol v3 and higher, automatic adjustment
  • Latest Funambol v6 compatible (mails and files synchronization)
  • Synthesis client compatible
  • Nokia Symbian S60 native SyncML implementation
  • HP Wi-Fi and GSM enabled PDA's with Funambol v6


  • PUSH email/objects for BlackBerry-like experience
  • Automatic SSL certificate provisioning
  • iPhone sync support


What is new?

Instant Messaging is getting highly popular in business. IM has the immediacy of telephone without the interruption, and the convenience of e-mail without the delay.

Improve your Company Communication

Create your own network for real-time chat communication, or enable transport to one of those popular networks.

"ICQ" For Enterprises

The addition of IM Server to your business gives users the ability to choose the method of communication that best suits their needs and work flows. This leads to improved collaboration and productivity for today's fast-paced workplace. Trusted users can get access to their AOL account through transport gateway, which provides more control over client software and communication history.

Messaging Standards

XMPP, also known as Jabber, is the only approved standard for real-time text communication for use in enterprises, government and corporate environment.

  • Messages, Chat, Multi-User Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Gateways to Jabber, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! and Google Talk
  • vCards
  • GroupWare Monitor Gateway
  • Notifications and Alerts: Email, Calendar Events, Tasks
  • Secured Intranet configuration possible
  • Private and Public services

High Security

Security features are the most important part of all communication products today and Merak IM Server comes with the best features adopted

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption, can be forced
  • SHA1 login (Secure Hash Algorithm)
  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) optional message encoding
  • Access control to Gateways, Services
  • Service access limited to listed users
  • Server OS report for greater security

Service Monitor and Integration

After registering the new Service Monitor Gateway in Jabber client, users can see their calendar events, tasks and notes for the upcoming week or subscribe to a co-workers' shared calendar events, tasks, notes and Free Busy status.

  • Display status of GroupWare items
  • Displays Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, Free Busy status
  • Messaging Integration
  • Same password for all services
  • Unified policies


What is new?

MScable's VoIP Telephony Server is based on SIP protocol. It offers SIP Proxy, Registrar and Call Redirect Server in one software product. Connectivity to any external PBX Gateways to route calls across networks, based on custom call-forwarding and number rewriting rule sets.

Easy to use Call Centre

Use soft phones (Counter path X-Lite 3.0), wireless Wi-Fi phones (ZyXel Prestige 2000), wired Ethernet phones (Linksys SPA 921) or even dual-mode GSM handsets (Nokia N95).

Low Telecommunication Costs

You don't need to know anything about SIP protocol to cut down the company's telephone bill. Simplified configuration, one-click deployment, error-free operation, no special settings required on client side make it the ideal solution for company of any size.

  • Well-suited for sales departments
  • Follows SIP principle
  • All calls ring to all users registered for the number
  • The call is rejected only when all users are offline
  • The one who first picks up wins
  • Great flexibility with number rewriting, presence and internal chat support
  • SIP Registrar, Proxy and Redirect Server in one

Parent SIP Proxy mode is intended for distributed SIP servers, interconnection with existing servers/appliances and to bridge separate local network subnets, so that the call doesn't have to go through an external router/firewall, but instead locally through the proxy. Operation of Registrar and Redirect server is fully automated.

  • Proxy serves as a bridge between SIP servers or separate networks
  • Forward calls to mobile networks, carrier transatlantic VoIP gateways with QoS,..
  • Route calls to other VoIP Servers in different location
  • Works behind firewalls and routers
  • SDP NAT Traversal (Port Proxy)
  • No configuration required on client side
  • Automatically assigned IP address in server configuration

For Your Own Secretary

Dial from any contact list and your phone will ring when the call is placed. Works with any phone with, no proprietary communication protocols between device and application.

  • Dial from Outlook contact list
  • Set your available/away state by a quick number dial
  • Redial last called number
  • Dial the last caller number
  • Get call history sent to you by email
  • Use your favorite HW phone as a handset
  • Own Calling Plan

Free calls to local and remote VoIP users. Just 1 public VoIP number is necessary for simultaneous calls to carrier networks and conferences.

  • Standalone Wi-Fi or Ethernet SIP phones
  • Dual mode mobile handsets such as Nokia N95, E61
  • VoIP gateways for FXO devices

Free calls between offices regardless of geographic location. International calls to landline or mobile numbers through PSTN gateway in each office for local fee to any destination.

Own Numbering Plan

Route calls as needed through very flexible, prefix based rules. Assign external numbers to email account IDs. Custom Quick dials to dial Last called/Last incoming, Set/Reset Away status with possibility of call forwarding. Rules can be chained for great flexibility and wide range of usage scenarios unlike HW SIP solutions. No RegEx knowledge is required with GUI interface and intuitive syntax with wildcard convention (%).

  • Ultimate call control features
  • Extensible call forwarding, call redirection and number rewrite rule sets
  • Call forwarding (to another local/external number)
  • Separate settings for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Rewrite outgoing number to pretend to be a different number
  • VoIP Security
  • Authentication through existing account
  • Server access or restricted to internal users only
  • User permissions to use specific gateways
  • Features for ISP's
  • Detailed logs per user, can be parsed for billing
  • Restrictions for calls going through a gateway
  • Unlimited gateways
  • API for extensions and system integration
  • Comprehensive Administration
  • Simple setup
  • Automatic NAT setting system
  • Define/modify rules on fly
  • Integration Benefits
  • One place authentication
  • Same authentication box, policy, authentication schema, trusted hosts
  • Fast setup, universal, simple for anybody


What's new?

Standards compliant, SSL secured, high-performance FTP server, taking advantage of user access groups and policies already established in mail server. Instant deployment simply divide existing users into groups and provide them with access rights to particular folders.

  • Single sign-on and instant deployment.
  • Powerful and Fully Featured
  • MScable's FTP Server comes with all the features you would expect from an FTP solution
  • Multiple FTP Hosts
  • Users and user Groups with rich options
  • Aliases
  • Download & upload bandwidth limits
  • Directory permissions
  • FTP Server Synchronization
  • Logging and traffic charting


Incoming and outgoing connections are secured from the beginning by using SSL/TLS. The client can explicitly request an encrypted connection at the start of the session. Authentication is secured with the OTP/S-KEY system to protect against passive attacks based on replaying captured reusable passwords.

  • 128-bit SSL/TLS in Implicit and Explicit mode
  • OTP/S-KEY Authentication
  • IP-based Access Control
  • Server Synchronization
  • Server synchronization is a comprehensive feature for automatic file or directory synchronization.
  • HTTP, FTP or LAN directory sources
  • Recursive synchronization


We do offer other services which are not covered on this website. Please refer to www.networksystems.co.uk  but in any event please do call us on 01782 544700 or fill out our contact form on this website.