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Hosted Exchange from mscable.com

Get the Best of Both Worlds with this Great Service

Hosted Exchange from mscable.com



Features and Benefits of mscable.com hosted exchange

  • Get access anywhere
    Because Hosted Exchange is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere – either using Outlook on your desktop, browser or mobile device.
  • Reduce your costs
    Moving to Hosted Exchange means you benefit from a full-featured Exchange 2010 service without the normal IT overhead.
  • Be protected
    Every mscloudnet.com Hosted Exchange mailbox is protected by an award-winning advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus email security system.
  • Share your calendars, contacts and files
    By using Hosted Exchange, you get to collaborate more easily with your colleagues by sharing calendars, tasks, contacts and files.

The cost of running an in house exchange server these days (even on Small Business Server which has increased in price dramatically) is not always justified. Those costs are a major burden on small to medium business. Consider all the other costs such as updates, engineers, price increases, hardware, backup and more and you can easily see that on-site exchange can increase your overheads quite dramatically.

Larger organisations gain from increased resilience and forward planning while retaining enterprise level messaging services across the estate.

Moving your usage to Hosted Exchange will quickly have an effect of reducing overheads dramatically against the cost of operating Exchange on site with all the other added benefits of data backup and more.

Triple Hosted for extended resilience

To ensure your email data remains safe and secure in the Cloud, every mailbox hosted is actually hosted on three separate Exchange servers – two in our Datacenter 1, and a third in our Datacenter 2 based at a different geographical location to ensure complete integrity in case of a disaster.

We ensure that all mailboxes are regularly backed-up, and inbound, outbound and internal email flow is securely copied into a real-time archive. Complete piece of mind for business clients.

No other service offers such levels of resilience for customer data without compromising on price in some way against the mscloudnet.com pricing structure.

Easy migration

It is likely that you will need to use our migration service to move to our Hosted Exchange service, but don't worry we have it all in hand already. For higher level service clients we offer many easy migration methods well tried and tested so its a snap.

Great Support

mscloudnet.com and mscable.com have operated our services since February 2000 and while those earlier days were not as complex as todays requirements, we have operated a really good technical support (and not so technical when you need that). Our highly skilled support team are able to help, advise and guide you through the installation and running of your Hosted Exchange services from start to finish.

Other Benefits and Services of our Hosted Exchange

We have of course many more aspects of our Hosted Exchange we could talk about, such as costs, full features of the system and many other aspects of this service. However, we find that internet websites are great for general information, but because we can tailor our services and negotiate better pricing for many customers we would prefer to talk to you to demonstrate exactly what we can offer by way of the mscloudnet.com Hosted Exchange and other mscloudnet.com solutions that are set to revolutionize your Business forever.

Please call 01782 544700 or fill out our online form for further details on the Hosted Exchange offering from mscable.com 

Don't forget to checkout our mscable.com ISP solutions section of this website which also offer reduced cost online shared calendars and much more. In fact those services could be seen as a 'cut down' style of Hosted Exchange for the smaller organisation.

Other Cloud Computing Services on Offer

We offer a number of other brand cloud computing services that you might consider and we will be adding these on an ongoing basis - please do feel free to call us on 01782 544700 or fill out our contact form.

We look forward to talking with you soon.