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Services from mscable.com

Hosting, Connectivity, Leased Lines, Cloud and more

Overview of our Business Services

From here on this site you can actually visit pages that show in more detail the services we can offer Business customers. Below are the sections covered with a brief description - simply click on them from on this page.

Business Cloud Computing

For most ordinary Business customers the words 'cloud computing' will probably not mean much.

But the truth is, that this all encompassing technology will be changing the way your company works in the future, so it's important to understand and embrace this technology sooner than later. As many companies found out when they wanted their company on the internet in the form of an internet presence - their chosen name was often long gone with no decent alternative available.

Consider also the internet in general and what it means for your company today. Could you really operate without email and internet? Really? We think it could actually cost you your business. Did you really foresee the impact of the internet and email on your business.

The point is, that cloud technologies are being driven by companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and many more, so it's likely over time you will use cloud computing because there will be little other choice. The major technology manufacturers are currently developing cloud technology products faster than the banks can lose money.

These manufacturers control by a large extent the IT world as we all know it today, so it's reasonable to say that you WILL end up using cloud technology. Click the title above to find out more.

What we offer

Our mscloudnet.com Hosted Exchange Services
This is our Hosted exchange services - click the title above to find out more.

Microsoft Office 365

This service is operated by Microsoft and is similar to the mscloudnet.com products - click the title above to find out more.

Hardware Supply and Support

We have many Business customers who we supply and support and have done in fact since February 1989 when we first opened our company for business. Over the years we have been authorised for most brands of hardware and software (and still are) including Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Dell, Novell and much more. Find out more about these important services from us. Click the title above to find out more.

mscable.com ISP Services

Regular services offered by mscable.com. Please note that these services are typically part of our cloudnet services today and are for customers who usually use standard hosting services and networking and internet connectivity. Our ADSL and Pipe connectivity can be supplied for every type of business site. To find out much more about mscable.com and ISP services simply click the above title.

We do offer other services which are not covered on this website. Please refer to www.networksystems.co.uk  (ssl site) but in any event please do call us on 01782 544700 or fill out our contact form on this website.